Terry Pingitore vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Terry Pingitore of Mohn Ton, PA appeared in Lebanon County Criminal Court on 10/22/2007. At the time he was a 55 year old caucasian male with brown eyes and black colored hair. Officer Kevin G. Snavely of the Lebanon City Police Dept made the arrest on 09/30/2007.

Terry Pingitore
Date of Birth 03/28/1952
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Race Caucasian
Location Mohn Ton, PA 19540
Known Aliases Anthony L. Pingitore
Anthony Louis Pingatore
Anthony Pengatore
Louis Pingitore
Terry Louis Pingitore
Terry Louise Pingatore
Terry Luige Pingator
Terry Luige Pingatore
Terry Pingatore
Terry Pingitore

Docket: CP-38-CR-0002073-2007
File Date 10/22/2007
Complaint Date 09/30/2007
Charges 1 Simple Assault 18 S 2701 SSA L 376386-3 M2 09/30/2007 1 2 Harassment – Subject Other to Physical
Contact 18 S 2709 SSA1 L 376386-3 S 09/30/2007 2
Events 1/14/2007 8:30 am Courtroom No. 1 Senior Judge Robert J. Eby Scheduled Arraignment 12/20/2007 8:30 am Courtroom No. 2 President Judge John C.
Tylwalk Continued Call of the List 01/07/2008 8:30 am Courtroom No. 4 Judge Bradford H. Charles Continued
Bail Info Pingitore, Terry Nebbia Status: None

$1,000.00 Monetary 09/30/2007 Set $1,000.00 Unsecured 10/18/2007 Set (bail modification) Posted 10/18/2007

Represented by Kimberly Anne Adams
Public Defender 205848 Supreme Court No:
Active Rep. Status:
Phone Number(s):
717-274-2801 (Phone) Address:
Public Defender O ffice 400 S 8th Street Rm 122 Lebanon, PA 17042 Representing: Pingitore, Terry