Mary Heil vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Mary Heil of Phila, PA appeared in Philadelphia Criminal Court on 08/01/2013. At the time she was a 46 year old caucasian female with blue eyes and blond or strawberry colored hair. Officer Michael Boyes of the Philadelphia Pd made the arrest on 08/01/2013.

Mary Heil
Date of Birth 11/17/1966
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond or strawberry
Race Caucasian
Location Phila, PA 19125
Known Aliases Donna Marie Lagio
Mary Ann Miller
Mary Heil Heil
Mary Hiell

Docket: MC-51-CR-0029637-2013
File Date 08/01/2013
Complaint Date 08/01/2013
Charges 1 Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg 35 S 780- 113 N 874056-1 07/31/2013 1
Events 8/01/2013 12:43 pm B08 Scheduled Preliminary
Arraignment 09/03/2013 10:00 am 404 Judge Marsha H. Neifield Scheduled Status 10/15/2013 10:00 am 606 Judge Thomas F. Gehret Continued Trial 11/26/2013 10:00 am 606 Judge Teresa Carr Deni Scheduled Trial<
Bail Info Heil, Mary Nebbia Status: None

10.00% $0.00 Nonmonetary 08/01/2013 Set

Represented by Karen Singletary Fortune
Court Appointed 071822 Supreme Court No:
Active Rep. Status:
Phone Number(s):
215-496-9464 (Phone) Address:
the Jordan Group
121 S Broad St Ste 1030
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4533 Representing: Heil, Mary<