Jonathan L. Strosnider vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Jonathan L. Strosnider of Lake Lynn, PA appeared in Fayette County Criminal Court on 03/20/2006. At the time he was a 18 year old caucasian male with blue eyes and blond or strawberry colored hair.

Jonathan L. Strosnider
Date of Birth 12/01/1987
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond or strawberry
Race Caucasian
Location Lake Lynn, PA 15451
Known Aliases Johnathan L. Strosnider
Johnathan Lee Strosnider
Jonathan L. Strosnider
Jonathan Lee Strosnider

Docket: CP-26-CR-0000464-2006
File Date 03/20/2006
Complaint Date 00/00/0000
Charges 1 Theft By Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop 18 S 3921 SSA K 034780-4 M2 10/02/2005 2 2 Receiving Stolen Property 18 S 3925 SSA K 034780-4 M2 10/02/2005 3 3 Criminal Conspiracy Engaging – Theft By
Unlaw Taking -Movable Prop 18 S 903 SSA1 K 034780-
Events 4/20/2006 9:30 am Scheduled Formal Arraignment 07/21/2006 9:00 am Courtroom 1 President Judge John
Wagner Scheduled Pre- Trial
Conference 07/26/2006 8:00 am Courtroom 2 President Judge John
Wagner Scheduled Plea Court
Bail Info Strosnider, Jonathan L. Nebbia Status: None

$25,000.00 Unsecured 01/30/2006 Set Posted 01/30/2006

Represented by Diane Zerega, Esq.
Private 057312 Supreme Court No:
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Phone Number(s):
724-439-4722 (Phone)
(Other) Address:
212 N Gallatin Avenue
Uniontown, PA 15401-2964 Represe