Cortney G. Evans vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Cortney G. Evans of Hershey, PA appeared in Dauphin County Criminal Court on 09/25/2012. At the time she was a 42 year old caucasian female with blue eyes and blond or strawberry colored hair.

Cortney G. Evans
Date of Birth 06/16/1970
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond or strawberry
Race Caucasian
Location Hershey, PA 17033
Known Aliases Cortney Evans
Cortney G. Evans
Cortney Gallagher
Courtney Gallagher Evans
Coutney Gallagher Evans

Docket: CP-22-CR-0004667-2012
File Date 09/25/2012
Complaint Date unknown
Charges 1 False Reports – Reported Offense Did Not Occur 18 S 4906 SSB1 T 174768-6 M3 03/18/2012 1
Bail Info
Represented by Dauphin County Public Defender’s
Office * Public Defender Supreme Court No:
Lower Court Rep. Status:
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