Candis Marie Nesgoda vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Candis Marie Nesgoda appeared in Luzerne County Criminal Court on 06/10/2011.

Candis Marie Nesgoda
Date of Birth unknown
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond or strawberry
Race Caucasian
Location White Haven, PA 18661
Known Aliases Candis Marie Nesgoda

Docket: CP-40-CR-0001737-2011
File Date 06/10/2011
Complaint Date unknown
Charges 1 Unauth Use Motor/Other Vehicles 18 S 3928 SSA S 141855-0 M2 04/13/20 11 1
Events 8/12/20 11 9:30 am Scheduled Formal Arraignment 10/04/20 11 1:00 pm 3rd Floor Main
Courthouse Judge Tina Polachek Gartley Scheduled Status Conference
Bail Info Nesgoda, Candis Marie Nebbia Status: None

$0.00 ROR 06/08/20 11 Set Posted 06/08/20 11

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